Heavenly hot chocolate recipes that are actually healthy!


Hot chocolate: the staple warming winter drink that we find hard to resist. From humble beginnings this festive fail-safe has been dressed up in every way imaginable, with countless variations available today.

However you like to have your hot chocolate, there is one thing we can all agree on. It’s a festive must-have!

We all need a little sweet treat at Christmas time. Here are some guilt free and healthy hot chocolate options that’ll have you craving more!

Indulgence meets healthy

This is a super-food hot chocolate. The cacao gives it an incredible boost of disease-fighting antioxidants, as well as lots of the happy-hormone serotonin, which acts as a natural mood booster and anti-depressant! Click here for the full recipe.

Healthy hot chocolate breakfast smoothies

Hot chocolate for breakfast, who could possibly refuse. Add this to your routine for a little morning winter warmer. Click here for full recipes.

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