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Now, more than ever before, is it important to take care of our physical and mental health. We are all in this together and Sport Aberdeen is committed to supporting all of our members to remain active so we have created our first virtual online running community.

The gym may be out of bounds for now but that certainly doesn’t stop us being active. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or have never even considered taking the first stride, now is a great time to lace up your trainers, get some fresh air and try something new. 

If you’re not self-isolating or showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, governing bodies are encouraging us to keep healthy and active outside at this point. This should be done following Government social distancing guidelines closely for the safety of yourself and everyone around you. 

Regular physical activity not only keeps us fit and healthy but can have hugely positive effects on our mental health which can help us deal with the stress and anxiety that many of us might be dealing with at the moment. 

You may be wondering if it’s safe to exercise outside? The answer, for now, is yes and includes walking, running or cycling once a day. However, this can only be done on your own, or with the people you live with, adhering to Government guidelines. Getting in roughly 30 minutes of moderate to brisk activity a day can actually help your immune system and will give your mental health a boost too. For more information on social distancing please click here

How does a virtual running club work?

Many of us rely on the motivation of others to keep up our fitness momentum so whilst social distancing is in place to protect us, we have created a virtual community for people of all ages and abilities to join. We will post regular updates on social media with organised virtual runs, tips and blog posts to help keep you motivated and active.

How do I join the Sport Aberdeen Running Club?

If you don’t already have a Strava account, then sign up here, its quick, easy and completely free of charge

Join the Sport Aberdeen Running Club by searching for us within the app or following this link

Now all you have to do is tie your laces!


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