“To find your passion and follow it can open up so many new possibilities and opportunities”


Kirsty Smith

Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2019

Leadership in Women and Girls in Sport: Leaders Behind the Leaders

Kirsty Smith is one busy woman; as team manager for both senior and junior Grampian Flyers Wheelchair Basketball teams, she takes an active role in the coaching of both teams, organises taster sessions and hosts matches on the side.

Kirsty first got involved with wheelchair basketball as a means of encouraging her youngest son to participate in a sport that he was able to take part in. Since then her role and involvement with the club and sport in general has continued to grow.

However, Kirsty is keen to point out that her involvement in the running of the club isn’t limited to teaching and coaching, in fact, due to the often-complex needs of her team, she takes it upon herself to check in on players if they are too unwell to make training or are in hospital. Regardless of what is happening off the court, she feels that it is important and her duty to ensure that everyone always feels included and part of the Grampian Flyers family.

When asked about the leadership skills she applies to her work with the Flyers, Kirsty said:

“I hope that by doing what I do for the team will not only allow my son to be part of something but to open up opportunities to others looking for a sport to join.

“I’d hope that I have managed to help the club grow and have tried to create opportunities with creating sponsorship packages and flyers to give the team a more secure future.

“I would love for the team to continue to grow and for us to have the opportunity to reach out to the wider community and encourage them to try it. At the moment, my hope is to bring wheelchair basketball further into the community and schools.

“I think it’s very important to encourage women and girls to get out there and try a sport, or even try out a few until you find what’s right for you.

“To find your passion and follow it can open up so many new possibilities and opportunities you might not have even thought of. I have a couple of young girls who are not long started and already their passion for playing wheelchair basketball is amazing and I know that they have the potential to go far.”

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