My Journey With Sport Aberdeen: Yasmin Perry


It was great to catch up with another talented young swimmer, Yasmin Perry, who began her sporting journey with the Aquatics Aberdeen Learn to Swim Programme. She then progressed to the Bridge of Don Amateur Swimming Club and now swims for the University of Aberdeen Performance Swim Team.

How old were you when you first started swimming with Sport Aberdeen?

I was two years old when I started swimming with Aquatics Aberdeen.

How has the Aquatics Aberdeen Learn to Swim programme helped you to achieve your swimming goals?

The Aquatics Aberdeen Learn to swim programme taught me to swim in an enjoyable environment. It then encouraged me to continue with swimming after I had completed the programme. I then joined Bridge of Don Amateur Swimming Club and now I swim for the University of Aberdeen Performance Swim Team. At first, I didn’t want to compete but now I’m so glad I did as it has given me so many good experiences and have met many friends along the way.

What does a typical competition day look like?

On a typical competition day, I get up, have a big breakfast, pack my stuff and head to the pool for a warm up. I usually try and arrive at the pool about 30 minutes before I need to get in, depending on how early the warm up is. I also do my pre-pool before getting in and this consists of doing the same routine each time as I’m a bit superstitious. Next, I would get charged into my suit, have a banana and then head to marshalling. After the race is finished I usually head home for lunch and have a nap, if there’s time before heading back to the pool for finals. I would normally arrive a bit earlier for finals than I did for the morning swim, so that I have enough time to do everything properly and not be stressed about being late.

What is it that you enjoy most about swimming and what keeps you motivated to continue?

There are many things I enjoy about swimming. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing my friends every day at training and during competitions. I also enjoy travelling and getting to race in different countries as I get to see some places that I would never normally go to. I also enjoy swimming as it is a good way to keep fit. I always set goals so that I have something to work towards, it’s such a good feeling when you get a personal best in a competition. I stay motivated because I continually want to improve and achieve my goals and I enjoy working hard towards them.

Who is your biggest swimming idol?

My biggest idol is probably Sarah Sjostrom, a Swedish competitive swimmer. She has multiple world records in my main events and I have been watching her since I was quite young.

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