Steph’s Summer of Sport Week Four


Outdoor Hatton Boxing

I have been inspired to get outdoors after attending the outdoor bootcamp class at the Beach Leisure Centre in week two of Steph’s Summer of Sport. This week I wanted to try out another class from Sport Aberdeen’s Get Outdoors campaign, making the most of the recent sunshine!

This time I decided to try my hand at Outdoor Hatton Boxing. I knew that Laura, the same instructor who delivers Outdoor Bootcamp was taking the class so I was in for a good workout! However, having boxed very few times before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The class took place on the grass next to the Linx Ice Arena and began with three-minute rounds of boxing in pairs. This consisted of one person doing either jabs, hooks or uppercuts whilst their partner held the boxing pads. Laura’s classes are great because you meet loads of new people, of all ages and abilities, who have the same goal as yourself, to get more active!

The three-minute rounds were then followed by either a small run, sit-ups or mountain climbers for the person who was boxing, whilst their partner did a different exercise, for example the plank or high knees. There is no need to worry if you are not familiar with these boxing terms, in fact they were not familiar to me either. All of the terms were explained very clearly, and additional hints and tips were even given including the best body position, how to stand and even how to hold the boxing pads and gloves. After Laura had explained all of this at the start of the class, we were set!

Just like at Outdoor Bootcamp, modifications of all the exercises were given so that everyone was able to take part and keep going. Laura also ensuresd we all had fun whilst exercising. Every man and their dog (literally) that walked past was invited to join in with the class, she really makes you feel part of a team and there is always something to laugh about at her classes! This keeps everyone going and I think it is a key reason as to why the classes are always so popular.

Laura is also a key driver behind the Sport Aberdeen’s Beast Race Team, an event which consists of a 10K obstacle course. She runs weekend fitness classes at Seaton Park in her own time to prepare for the event. Everyone is welcome to attend these extra classes, not just those doing the beast race. This is truly encouraging people to come together and get active, regardless of age and ability.

The Outdoor Hatton Boxing was a completely different style of training to standard fitness classes. If gym and circuit style training classes aren’t for you, then you should definitely give this a try. It was a really good workout. In fact, I’ve never enjoyed something that I was unfamiliar with as much as I did at the Outdoor Hatton Boxing!

Get down to the Beach Leisure Centre on a Tuesday evening and try something new this summer!

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