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Programme Champion Award for Sport Aberdeen swim teacher


There was cause for celebration last weekend as one of our swim teachers, Shelley Milne, a Young Ambassador for Scottish Swimming, collected the Young Programme Champion award at their weekend event.

The Young Ambassador Programme was introduced to allow the younger members of Scottish Swimming to share their views and help shape the organisations future and a delighted Shelley told us, “It is such an honour to be awarded the Programme Champion Award for the work I’ve done during my time as a Young Ambassador.  I’d like to thank all the aquatics coordinators at Sport Aberdeen for being so supportive in my journey as a Young Ambassador and for giving me the confidence to take part in the programme in the first place.”

Shelley was an integral part of the team who devised a Mental Health Toolkit for Scottish Swimming which has also led to continuing professional development in Mental Health Awareness being delivered throughout Scotland for Scottish Swimming.

Now 7 years in her role at Sport Aberdeen, Shelley has advanced her qualifications to currently work as a level 2 swim teacher and level 2 coach. She is lead teacher for aquatics and head coach of Bon Accord Thistle, a local amateur swimming club based at our Tullos venue.   

“It is so rewarding to see progression in the swimmers I teach.  Some of them are initially petrified of being in the water but before long they look like they were born to swim.”  This is more evident in the work Shelley performs for our Additional Support Needs (ASN) pathway. “I love giving those of us who face greater challenges in day-to-day life the opportunity to feel free and able in the water. Everyone can enjoy the water, no matter their circumstance.”

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