How Sport Aberdeen can help your 10K training


Although you may have already started your training, it is beneficial to incorporate other form of exercise into your training to help prepare you for the for the BHGE 10K on Sunday 5 May.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes can help to increase your aerobic and anaerobic systems, which will increase your fitness and endurance levels, help you run for longer. This type of training can incorporate various equipment and body weight exercises to develop functionality, coordination, strength and general fitness.

Sport Aberdeen offer over 300 fitness classes that cater to people of all levels of fitness, to help push you to your limits and get the most out of your training. More information on our range of fitness classes can be found here.

Strength Training

Incorporating strength training into your BHGE 10K training plan will increase full body strength and power in the muscles for either a faster pace or for coping with the distance. Developing a program that works on lower back and posture by using free weights will also ensure a strong posture for running. Make sure you incorporate full body training and not just legs to keep an even balance!

Sport Aberdeen has 9 gyms across the city, meaning you never have far to travel to fit in a workout. A full list of gyms can be found here.

Low Impact Exercise

If you have never run before, running for a long period of time can put extra strain on your joints. Therefore, we would recommend mixing up your training to incorporate other equipment found on the gym floor to give you the same cardio workout as a run, but with less impact on your body.

Why not alter the resistance on the cross trainer to develop a hill style workout, switching between one minute of light resistance followed by one minute of moderate resistance. Or get down to one of our six pool across the city for a swim, maintain your intensity throughout, to build strength and stamina. These will help to develop your cardiovascular system.

All the above equipment and training options are available at Sport Aberdeen gyms. If you have any questions about the different types of training, or how to use the equipment please contact one of our Health and Wellness Advisors within our venues.

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