We offer over 300 fitness classes throughout our venues. Most are in studios, some are on bikes and a few are even in the water!

You can book all our classes either online, over the phone or at the reception desk. Members get every class included, and 7 days advance booking notice – which is very useful for the in demand classes!

Our classes are extremely varied and cater to people of all levels of fitness. Have a look at what we have going on:

Les Mills

Les Mills is a worldwide fitness phenomenon, with a vast choice of classes across every type of fitness possible! At Sport Aberdeen you can choose from attending BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyBalance, BodyAttack, Sh’bam, CxWorx, RPM and Grit! There really is something for everyone – click here to find out more about all these options.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is an awesome way to build up a massive sweat and work hard! We have multiple classes across our venues, including at the purpose build cycle studio at Jesmond. There is also the option of immersive indoor cycling at Jesmond, where an on screen virtual instructor takes you on a tour of a course anywhere in the world! Make sure to check it out further here.

High Intensity

High intensity interval training is a great way to get an extremely effective workout done, in a very small amount of time. These classes ARE tough, but they don’t last any longer than 30 minutes and you get a serious workout done. We have various options across our venues such as metafit and HIIT of the Day. Every one of them is convenient, effective and surprisingly addictive!

Water Based

We are the first City in Scotland to offer the massively popular Floatfit classes. You perform a varierty of familiar fitness moves in the 30 min class, but all on a small board floating in the swimming pool. Its an extremely effective core and all over body workout, and great fun. You can read more here. We also have great Aqua Fitness and Aqua Zumba classes at our pools. Working out in water is extremely effective and can be easier on your joints than traditional indoor classes!

Low Impact

We offer several Yoga classes throughout our venues, including some specialist Hatha and Vinyasa classes. Yoga is fantastic for improving strength, flexibility and balance and works well as part of any fitness programme. We run several Pilates classes too throughout the city, with fantastic instructors helping you to improve your balance and flexibility. We supply all the mats, blocks and expertise needed for these classes – all you need to do is book in now and turn up!