Staying (Relatively) Healthy over Christmas


Peel yourself off that sofa

It can be very tempting to spend a large portion of your Christmas break slumped on the sofa, selection box close to hand; watching all those feel good festive classics you turn to every year and will probably continue to watch every year to come.

Instead of admitting defeat to idleness – why not put the remote to one side and leave those turkey leftovers for the dog and head out for a brisk Christmas walk. If you can encourage the rest of the family to join you, even better!

A post-dinner stroll is a great way to aid digestion and a great excuse for the kids to get out and play with any new toys, bikes or scooters that Santa has delivered.

Try a more active Boxing Day

Get yourself down to the Beach Leisure Centre for a far from ordinary Boxing Day experience. Forget about the sales, grab your swimmers and go for a morning dip in the North Sea with an army of fellow ‘Nippy Dippers’.

Organised by Aberdeen Lions Club; the Boxing Day Dip has become a bit of a tradition and a great way to make money for a variety of charities and good causes.

Entry costs £10 and more info can be found at

Keep colds at bay

You’re traveling across the country, seeing lots of friends and family and all the while you’re being exposed to cold viruses left, right and centre. To minimise your risk of getting ill this year, try to maintain a healthy immune system by eating well, getting plenty of rest, keeping hydrated and not overdo it on the festive nights out.

Get your skates on!

Sport Aberdeen’s Linx Ice Arena is open to the public from Friday 27th – Monday 30th December so get down and get your skates on at one of the public sessions.

It doesn’t matter if you see yourself as a bit of a pro on the ice or have never stepped foot on a rink before as all abilities are welcome at our public sessions. We even have a new selection of Penguin aids to help little ones to find their feet and for the adults, there’s always the barrier to cling on to.

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