Move More Aberdeen

In partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and Maggies Centre Aberdeen, Sport Aberdeen delivers an innovative programme to support anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer to get active and remain active.
Who is the programme for?

Move More Aberdeen is a programme for those living with or who have previously been affected by cancer.  Whether you have a new cancer diagnosis, are undergoing treatment or are living beyond cancer, our experienced Move More team can help you find exercise you’ll enjoy and that’s just right for you. 

If you’re used to being active or you are new to it, regular physical activity before, during and after cancer treatment can help you feel better in lots of ways. You may be a little nervous about getting started, that’s understandable, but even a small amount of exercise can bring real benefits and help you feel a bit more like yourself.

How will the programme work?

Once we receive your referral a member of our team will be in contact to discuss a variety of options for getting active in a way that is tailored and convenient for you after which you will be invited to attend one of our sessions

What are the benefits?

If you are living with or after cancer, being physically active is safe and can help reduce side effects of treatment such as fatigue, improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety and get back doing the things you enjoy.  Exercise can also help reduce the risk of cancer returning.

“It’s improved my strength and balance, I’m not forced to do anything, there’s a great playlist and the class is relaxed, it’s a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere”

“My movement is a lot better. Jon, the instructor, is patient and motivates us”

How to get involved

There are two ways to get involved:

  • Any health care professional can refer into the programme using the referral form below.

Alternatively, you can self-refer to the programme using the form below.

Contact Us

For more info contact the Move More Aberdeen Team on 01224 507701


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