10 weeks to 10K – week 1


Setting goals and getting started

It’s time to get in to gear and start training! You have 10 weeks to be the best you can be, whether you are a beginner or am already a keen runner – we have a plan for you!

Sunday 5 May will soon be upon us, so we are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you step up to that start line. Remember and take it easy if you are just starting out, build some confidence and get that first step in!

Over the next 10 weeks we will fire out some advice on how to get started, hydration, strength, stretches and how to stay motivated.

With this being the first week we’ve pulled together some tips on how to set yourself some training goals.

  1. Set your goal – Whatever it is you want to achieve, whether it be to lose a bit of weight, or hit a certain time within the 10K, set your goal and make sure it’s a SMART goal! Following the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goal setting guidelines will allow you to have purpose when you train and allow you to track where you are in your preparation for the run.
  2. Don’t over complicate – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is over complicating. Setting short term goals are much more achievable and more likely to keep your motivation high. Use a realistic time constraint to work towards and continue to revisit your goals each month to ensure you are on target to succeed, make little adjustments where needed. Breaking it down will make it much easier to stay on track rather than aiming for one goal six months down the line with no structure.
  3. Take action – Pull those running trainers out from the back of the wardrobe and get yourself outside or to the gym. You’ll feel so much better for it, especially when you succeed at the end of the day. The first step is always the hardest!
  4. Buddy up – Get your friend or partner involved. Buddying up and running and training with a partner can really help increase your motivation levels and gives you someone to be accountable to. When you maybe can’t be bothered one evening after a long day at work, all you need is a little push from a friend to get you out and about and one step closer to the finish line. Make sure you are both focused on achieving your goals and you’ll find a little help from each other will go a long way in helping you to cross the finish line on race day.
  5. Focus on distance – For beginners, an easy way to keep motivated is to focus on distance covered rather than the overall duration of your run. Aim for 3K runs to start with and when you feel comfortable running 3K you can gradually increase the distance 1K at a time. Once you are comfortable with the 10K distance, you can then begin to focus on speed and timings.

Good luck everyone!

10 weeks to 10K Training Plans

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