10 weeks to 10K – week 2


Building a base with interval training

Well done for getting through week one of your 10 weeks to 10K training plan.

This week we are going to focus on building a base which will help towards the rest of your training and reaching your overall goals.

Your best runs come from good planning, motivation and a positive mindset. We’ve taken care of the planning so it’s up to you to take care of the rest.

Sport Aberdeen Health & Wellness Advisor, Will Wilson, demonstrating the interval training technique. Photo Credit: Evening Express.

Interval training is a great way to improve your endurance and performance for race day. You may have heard of this already but if not here’s some tips on how to practice it and add it in to your training:

  1. Time goals – Set a time, for example two minutes. Run for two minutes then use a rest period of up to two minutes in between then run again. Repeat this routine ensuring you pace yourself. Pacing is everything here so start at jog not a sprint.
  2. Distance goals – We’re not suggesting run with a meter wheel or take a set of cones with you here. You can use things around you to set as goals such as lamppost to lamppost. This is another fantastic way to train. Run to one lamppost then walk to the next and repeat.

This type of training may be new to a lot of you so there could be some muscle and joint soreness when you’re out doing this for your first few sessions.

You could soothe those sore muscles with a lovely dip in the North Sea or one of our pools across the city! Although we would recommend trying some simple stretching post run or trying out Yoga or Body Balance at on one of our Sport Aberdeen venues. Both classes offer mobility and flexibility benefits, you never know you might end up hooked!

Check out the full list of class times and locations across Aberdeen.

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