Stand Up to Falls

Stand Up to Falls

Did you know that from age 30, our muscles can lose up to 8% of their strength each decade? This can make daily activities more difficult and increase the risk of having a fall.

The truth is our risk of falls decreases with one simple thing; Exercise!

If you or someone you know is at risk of or experiencing falls, take a look at our useful links and tips.

Top Tips for Keeping Active

A really simple way to get some exercise into your day is to try at home workout videos. These short top tips videos from instructor Fearghas are only five minutes long and all you need is a sturdy surface and sensible footwear.

Practising simple movements can be a great way to improve different aspects of balance and strength.

To see more of these videos, you can access our whole YouTube playlist here.

Sport Aberdeen’s Active Lifestyles Programme

We have a range of exercise classes that can help develop strength and balance at three different levels, to ensure that everyone has a chance to get active.   

First Steps is an introductory activity session aimed at older adults who are looking to take the ‘first step’ to become more active. The session begins with some exercises designed to help with strength and balance, many of which can be done seated and finishes with a short, social walk. For more information, click here.

Stable & Able is a specialist class for those who are at risk of falling.  Classes help individuals develop their strength, balance and posture. For more information and to self-refer, click here.

Steady Steps is a circuit style class for anyone looking to develop balance, coordination, strength and cardiovascular fitness. It provides a great way to maintain your fitness and keep doing all the things you enjoy. To view the class timetable, click here.

For more information contact the team directly on 01224 507701 or email

Additional Resources
NHS Inform

NHS Inform offers a wider range of information on how to reduce your risk of falling at home and what to do if you have a fall. You can visit the website here.

Conquer Your Fear of Falling

An information booklet has been produced by NHS Grampian Community Adult Assessment and Rehabilitation Service. It is ideal for anyone who has a fear of falling which may be preventing them from doing the things they enjoy. It is packed full of useful tips and techniques and can be accessed here.

Stepping Forward Together

Stepping Forward Together is a community led group which aims to increase awareness of falls prevention services and encourages people to work together to learn more about reducing their risk of falls. Find out more by visiting the Stepping Forward Together Facebook.

Walk Like a Penguin

Worried about winter falls? Walking outdoors when it’s icy, snowy, wet or slippery can be daunting.  However, we can learn a lot from penguins about how to walk on icy surfaces, so when there’s ice below, take it slow – this waddle really works!

To walk like a penguin, it’s important to walk flat footed and bend slightly, keeping your centre of gravity over your feet if you can. You can also take shorter steps and point your feet out, making sure your hands are by your sides and out of pockets, focusing on your balance. To learn more about walk like a penguin, click here.

Top Tips for Stand Up to Falls

There are lots of simple things you can do to help reduce your risk of having a fall, from getting regular eye tests to choosing appropriate footwear. Please see two useful resources below.

6 Top Tips for Stand Up to Falls

Useful Advice for Stand Up to Falls


Please note: If you have any pressing concerns about yourself or someone you know who is at risk of experiencing a fall, please contact your GP.