Sport Aberdeen offers a specially designed exercise programme for people who have experienced a stroke, developed in conjunction with a range of partners including NHS Grampian.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is aimed at people who have had a stroke and who have finished NHS rehabilitation but who would like to keep active within the community.

How will the programme work?

We deliver 12-week blocks of Exercise After Stroke classes, with classes taking place once per week at one of our local sports centres.  When we receive your referral, a member of the team will contact you and will ask some questions to find out more about you.  They will explain the programme to you and discuss the start date for the next block of classes.

Each programme starts with an introductory session, where the participants, instructors and volunteers can get to know each other, and some initial goal setting and benchmarking can take place.  This is repeated again at the end of the programme after which our experienced instructors will support each participant to keep exercising in classes within our wider programme.

What are the benefits?

After a stroke, it is important to start making exercise part of your routine if you are able to do so. Physical inactivity is a risk factor for stroke, so exercising can help minimise the risk of a future stroke. In addition to physical benefits including improved strength, balance, mobility and endurance, exercise has been found to promote cognitive recovery in stroke survivors.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Answer these simple questions to find out if the programme is right for you:

  • Can you stand and maintain your balance independently?
  • Can you walk independently or using a walking aid for 5 metres or more?
  • If you have aphasia, do you have someone who could help you with communication?

If you have experienced a stroke and have answered YES to all of the questions above, then this programme is right for you. You can get involved by completing the short referral form below.

 “When I started at the class three years ago I had a stick, I no longer need it and am still exercising. I enjoy the company and meeting people with the same problems I have. Exercise is good for you, by doing exercise I can do a lot more.”

Evelyn, Exercise After Stroke participant
How to get involved

There are two ways to get involved:

  • Any health care professional can refer into the programme using the referral form below.
  • Alternatively, you can self-refer to the programme using the form blow.
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